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Bad & Good 2 in the making!

2015-10-24 10:13:13 by Kruger93

yeah after long time hiautus from my flash movies I decided to make a sequel to bad and good 2 since it was requested by 2 of my friends cause ya know...newgrounds has tons of better things than my poorly drawn bad & good flash movie, so decided to make a that I am more mature and even more crazier than before.. I am going to make this one delicious sequel to badengood... CHEERS

Please scout my pictures =)

2009-10-15 10:34:27 by Kruger93

I am done with animation, so I am drawing some backgrounds...
I hope you'll like them, for now I submitted my 4 best backgrounds, hope you'll like them =)

Hey Newgrounds,
Today I was searching what flash movies I should delete and...I found one old game that I started to make and I never continued this game.
So I decided to continue this game and I'll try to make it awesome^^
Of course the begining of this game will be a bit nooby but after I'll continue it it wont be so nooby(I mean only about the pictures and animation)
I have no idea when I'll submit it to NG..and thats it.
about Sasuke Shorts 4, me and kking decided that we'll work on it together, I'll make the backgrounds and he'll make the animation and the characters(its gonna be AWESOME!!)
If you want, you can give me ideas for sasuke shorts 4 or ideas for my old new game.

I am gonna continue my old game| Sasuke Shorts 4

Good quality backgrounds :D

2008-09-03 09:19:18 by Kruger93

From now on I'll post my backgrounds with a good quality ^_^
Here's one of them

Good quality backgrounds :D

Now I know to draw a great BG!

2008-07-15 05:24:44 by Kruger93

Finally I managed to draw bg good, and thats one of them!

Now I know to draw a great BG!

New flash movie about Ragnarok

2008-05-30 08:01:39 by Kruger93

Ok I am back to my flash works and I am doing a movie about Ragnarok....
And that'll be without sprites from the internet! Here's a picture from the movie...

New flash movie about Ragnarok


2008-01-07 15:01:24 by Kruger93

Finaly, FINALY I submitted my movie called "Lokars team music clip".
And its all original paint and I put my best in this movie!
Hope you enjoing this!

Hi There!

2007-12-21 15:34:49 by Kruger93

I finaly submited my movie called "Megaman VS Bass or the search of the secret weapon"
My next movie will be about dog that I develop him.
I hope you will enjoy my movie about megaman!

Hi There!